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You Are What You Consume and Digest


I knew that after having health challenges myself the I needed to come up with a Health Plan that would save my own life. After contacting and being trained by some of the smartest minds in the Raw Food / Health Industry, I have come up with a winning combination to improve your health while losing weight at the same time. It is a Life - Style change that extends your Life, Health, Longevity, and Happiness. I am willing to pass this valuable information to you so that your health can be improved also. The key component of feeling better is a diet of alive raw foods. Raw foods are fresh, whole, plant-based foods, including fruits, leafy greens , vegetables, nuts and seeds – consumed in their state without cooking or steaming. The foods we eat make a huge impact on how much energy we have and how we feel. I know firsthand what a difference this can make. Let me help you get started on your new life. I can answer your questions about how to get started on a better way of living by changing you diet to one of raw foods. I can teach you to gradually introduce Raw Foods in your life or you can jump right in and go 100% raw food right away. I will walk you through the process one step at a time. It is your choice! Contact me today.

Because Bill is such an amazing person, he is offering all participants of Cleanse America a 25% discount in his Health Coaching Services. (Health Coaching rates are normally $65 per hour, but with the discount would be $48 per hour). The first consultation is approximately and hour and a half and then each coaching session after that is typically one hour each a week. Consultations are done over the phone or Skype. The objective of the Health Coaching Consultations is to give guidance, support, knowledge, accountability, and discuss personal health and lifestyle issues. Bill’s clients are currently enjoying losing weight, improved strength and energy, more mental clarity, are more active and some even been able to decrease medications. Confidentiality is very important to Bill and no information is ever disclosed in any form to anyone at any time.

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