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Hi, my name is Bill Barlow. I want to tell you the story of how I became 465 Lbs. and so unhealthy, why I founded Raw Food For My Life Inc. and created this website and at the same time changed my lifestyle to save my life. Back when I was a teenager and a young adult I was very active, played different sports, had a pretty good physique, was very strong and was in pretty good health at that time. But after a period of time, after the age of thirty-five , I started to notice things going very badly and progressively worse. I started to notice that I was putting on weight that was not coming off with physical activities. I started to purchase larger cloths and at the same time joined different weight loss methods like, Nutrisystems, Weight Watchers, The Atkins Diet, South Beach, and even tried only eating cabbage soup all day. I became very discouraged with these methods because they were not working. I got to the point where I was morbidly obese and could not walk. My legs were turning colors because of lack of circulation. My blood pressure and blood sugars were off the chart. I had horrific headaches and full body pain including all my joints and feet. I had intense burning and pains in my chest that were coming and going multiple times a day and getting more frequent. I could not breathe properly. There were times where I almost died in my sleep because of the acid coming back from my stomach into my throat and then going into my lungs. And so, that and other issues that were happening to me were starting to affect my life in a big way, and I knew that if I didn’t do something about my health I was going to die soon. I felt that if I had a stroke or heart attack that no one was going to be able to save me.

So, on November 7, 2010, I was on the Internet, and I was looking for information to improve my health. I was totally lost and my options had run out. I came across a website that had a number of videos, which I watched with some interest and it made a lot of sense to me; what this person was projecting or trying to tell me was how to save my life. This person’s name is Dan McDonald. I watched his videos. He explained in his YouTube videos that by consuming fruits and vegetables in different form that your body would heal itself and lose weight at the same time. I decided that I would send him an emergency email. In the email I explained to him that I had been on the Standard American Diet for 40 years and outlined for him the health difficulties that I presently had, I told him it was an emergency and I left my phone number. Fifteen minutes later Dan McDonald and I connected and was on my phone.

I explained to Dan in depth what my health issues were and he instructed me to change my lifestyle and to start eating more fruits and vegetables, make smoothies and juices, drink lots of water, and start walking. He told me what to eat, when to eat it, and how to eat it. Dan also explained to me why I was having all these health issues that have gradually accumulated over the years. I felt that Dan McDonald was telling me the truth, not only with the videos on You Tube but also with the phone consultation. As I was sitting there talking to Dan I had a plate of swiss cheese and roast beef sitting in front of me, and I was getting prepared to eat it all just as I had done many times before. But after talking to Dan McDonald, I took the plate of cheese and roast beef and threw it away. I then emptied everything from the kitchen pantry into a garbage bag. I did the same for the both refrigerators and both freezers. I threw away every food product I owned. I put all of these items in large black trash bags. I did not take that trash to the side yard where it could call my name and make me think that I need to get that food and bring it back in the house or I would die of starvation. I took all the food products, condiments and liquids to the dump and threw them away forever. I felt that this act of taking everything to the dump was part of my healing. I then drove to the store and purchased raw organic fruits and vegetables as Dan had instructed me to do.

I went raw 100% in one day because I was scared for my life and I knew that if I didn’t make this change right away that I wasn’t going to make it. I was amazed because I started to notice changes in my health within the first three days. I was consuming fruit in the mornings and salads in the afternoon and evening. I was drinking water and fruit smoothies because even though I had ordered my juicer all I had was a blender. My energy level was increasing and I noticed that when I had either a salad of some fruit I was not tired like I was before after I finished my meal. Plus my weight was going down at a very quick pace. I was losing 2 to 3 lbs. per day. I started to experiment with making different vegetable and fruit juices after receiving my Breville Juicer and also raw salad dressings. I then joined Raw Food Rehab on the internet so that I would be able to communicate with like-minded people that had, or were still trying to improve their health. I started to drink very powerful dark leafy green juices. My weight loss continued and some of my health issues were starting to disappear. I was able to start taking walks again.

Dan then instructed me to contact Dr. Robert Morse to start detoxing my body with very potent and powerful herbs designed to heal different locations in the body. At this point within 4 months I had lost 5 years of weight gain. I was fitting into clothes that I had not been able to wear for 5 years. I started to notice that I was feeling better than I have in 10 years or more. People were starting to compliment me on my complexion and how my face was glowing. After a period of time I made an appointment to go to The True North Health Center to help accelerate my healing. I went there so I could have a supervised water fast or Water Healing as I call it. When I arrived I had already lost almost 105 lbs. by eating raw fruits and vegetables. In 21 days at The True North Health Center I had lost 57 lbs. by water fasting. I stayed for another 10 days under supervision to get my body acclimated to food “called re- feeding “once again. I then incorporated light exercise into my daily routine and I was able to start jogging.

At that point I decided to do an extended Juice Feast. I contacted Dave The Raw Food Trucker to assist me in this. During the consumption of the powerful herbs, the Water Healing and Juice Feast I experienced periods of detoxification. There were periods of detox that I had to contact Dan and Penni Shelton for advice. At this point I was at the 1 year mark and I had lost a total of 200 pounds. I feel fantastic and my energy level is off the chart. When I started this journey I wanted to document everything. I formed the company Raw Food For My Life Inc. I started posting on Facebook under Bill Barlow and Raw Food For My Life and also on You Tube under Raw Food For My Life. I made a promise that I would heal myself with the knowledge from Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Klapper, Dr. Goldhammer, Dan McDonald, Penni Shelton, Dave The Raw Food Truck Driver and countless others. I have enrolled into Health Coach University to become a Certified Heath Coach and will also become trained and certified by Dr. Robert Morse as a Detoxification Specialists. I will then pass my knowledge on to others so they in turn can heal themselves. It is my passion now to travel around the country and world passing my experience and knowledge on to others. This is what I will do for the rest of my life. I am on this journey for the rest of my life. I have found that the people that follow me on the internet and my clients also are the ones that give me my motivation. I want to Thank Everyone for their Motivation, Support, Questions and Great Comments. Life is good when you have Friends That Care and Support what You Are Doing. My life would be much harder without all of you. I Love You All. Your Friend Bill...Raw Food For My Life…




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