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The Hall of Fame Testimonials PDF Print E-mail

Yes thank you Bill for helping me on this most beautiful journey.You have really impacted my life an you an Ali showed me what I was worth and showed me not to give up on myself and what a precious gift - you believed in me..which allowed me to believe in myself. Thank you I'm forever grateful for your generosity and compassion for people. Need more people in this world like you. Your awesome Down to 165 lbs Bill! from 250 I have 40 lbs to go


When I joined up with Bill my weight had ballooned back up to 291 lbs after many years of yo-yo dieting. I could barely walk, was constantly coughing and nearly given up. I have been working with Bill for a little over six weeks and have not only learned a great deal about my body, but have seen invaluable benefits. I have lost over 25 lbs, am walking an hour a day, am rebounding on my trampoline, can walk well again and have seen my health and energy skyrocket. My coughing has almost completely stopped. I am detoxing and using the juicing, fruits, salads and herbs to nourish and alkalize my body. My stomach and bowels are functioning much better - my colon hydro therapist showed me how my peristalsis has improved from previously being almost non-existent. Bill is a real treat to work with and deeply cares about helping people who are suffering. He is extremely knowledgeable and gets great results with clients due to his hands-on approach. Bill walks the walk and has lead by his own example. I am truly blessed to have found Bill and would highly recommend that any of you out there suffering please contact Bill! He will do everything in his power to help you :)


I have had the great pleasure to follow Bill on his Path to Great Health. Early on I decided to join him on my own path to improved health. While bill lost 200lbs in a year; I lost 85lbs which was 1/3 of my body weight.

Bill was as happy for me as he was for himself. What a great friend.

Recently Bill has been helping me achieve and maintain an alkaline body.

His knowledge has been irreplaceable as I have gone from 6.75 urine ph to 7.25+ ph on a daily basis.

I am not vegan like Bill and he has never judged me. He understands it is my path and he is glad to help me along my path.

Bill treats me like a brother. If you want a friend to assist you on your path to revi-talized health and vigor - choose Bill. He is a friend for life.

Dave - California Bay Area

After a recent cancer diagnosis I learned about the importance of having a high Ph in order to maintain health and fight disease. Despite radical diet and lifestyle changes, I could not get my Ph any higher than 6.0. I knew disease would eventually win unless I could consistently stay above 7.0. When I met Bill and heard the story of how he developed a Superfood Powder called Neutra + to help a family member fight cancer, I knew I had to try it right away. I mixed the Superfood Powder into my juices and smoothies. Within three days my Ph went from 5.5 to 7.5!! After only a week, my Ph was consistently at 8.0. I'm thrilled with the results! No other supplement has given me such incredible results. For pennies a day I now have another tool to allow my body to heal itself and find balance. I plan to use Bill's Neutra + Superfood Powder long after my healing is done. If I can have results like this while healing, image what can happen when I'm cancer-free!

Thank you Bill for developing this amazing health product and for your continued inspiration and support. Your willingness to be transparent on your journey to health is a tremendous service to everyone on their journey. With your guidance, I continue to learn daily about the benefits of eating living foods and juicing. By joyfully serving others you are making this world a healthier and better place!

Houston, Texas

I recently purchased Neutra+ Organic Superfood Powder from my Raw Food Coach Bill Barlow. I compared Bill's product Neutra+ Organic Superfood Powder with David Wolf's Sun Warrior Super Green Powder side by side. I found Neutra+ way superior than Sun Warrior Super Green Powder for several reasons:

  1. Neutra+ dissolved immediately in the water with a few stirs while Sun Warrior took a while to dissolve with a lot of stirring.
  2. Neutra+ tastes smoother.
  3. Neutra+ did not leave a lot of green residue in the mason jar and this made it very easy to clean while the Sun Warrior product requires quite a few scrubs with long brushes to get rid of the green slime that did not dissolve in the water.
  4. Price on both products is similar but Neutra+ dissolves better in water and thus creates less waste.
  5. I can see my urine PH improved from 5.75 to 6.75 with only one 32 oz green drink from Neutra+. I think that I put two heaping tablespoons into the water.

I also received three Raw Food Coaching sessions from Bill Barlow. He gave me enough information to get me started on my raw healing journey.

Again, going on this raw journey is not for the faint of heart. If you have auto immune issues like me, I recommend that you work with raw coach Bill Barlow who has a lot of experiences. Also, detox is not easy to overcome and food addiction has a deep seeded emotional root. I think that having the support of a raw food coach like Bill Barlowwill make the journey less taxing and enables one to overcome these obstacles.

Anchorage Alaska

Neutra+ Organic Superfood Powder is the BEST superfood powder that I've ever tried. It provides energy, fullness, and really builds the body's defenses to ward off sickness. You will NEVER need a "flu shot" if you consume this on a daily basis. The price is also VERY competitive.


Вначале такие попытки делались, но скоро офицерам пришлось отказаться "скачать игру пираты карибского моря на psp" от этой идеи.

Просто они были бы в полнейшем восторге, если бы им удалось заполучить его в свою команду.

Я объяснил это, Мартину, держась за него, чтобы не упасть.

Last Updated on Friday, 29 November 2013 21:33
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